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Exhibition Rules
Exhibition Match Rules

To provide competitors with the opportunity to have more matches while still maintaining the single-elimination format, NextGen is implementing Exhibition Matches for those who would like more experience but were eliminated in the regular tournament. Exhibition matches are optional and available to registered competitors who:

1. Are alone in their division
2. Disqualified due to missed weight
3. Disqualified due to lateness
4. Had only one match available in their division

Adult & masters male and female

1. White Belt & Blue Belt ONLY


The number of exhibition matches a participant is eligible for is determined by which round they were eliminated during the regular tournament. If the competitor was eliminated in the:

1. First round – Eligible for 3 exhibition matches
2. Second round – Eligible for 2 exhibition matches
3. Third round – Eligible for 1 exhibition match

Exhibition matches length are

1. 4 minutes for Adults, Masters, and Juvenile
2. Kids follow NextGen BJJ match lenght

Competitors are matched up by the ring-coordinators in the designated area (Look for the signs)
It is the competitor’s responsibility to find the exhibition match ring-coordinator and provide them with their match up card and indicate their availability. The match up card will be provided to you at the match table, or see one of the ring coordinators if you were late, missed weight or are alone in your division.Match ups will be made with available competitors who are registered for Exhibition Matches at the moment. Competitors disqualified due to disciplinary actions (DQ) automatically lose their eligibility for Exhibition Matches.  

*Event organizers will not be responsible for lack of available competitors or any unforeseen circumstances resulting in fewer available Exhibition Matches.